THAWed Out

This article is mainly a video that showcases a new type of digital interaction.  It is called THAW, created by the Tangible Media Group at MIT.  From the name, this group deals with physical substances or objects that can be controlled through technology or can relay data.  This specific technology allows a smartphone and a computer to interact much the same way that a computer with two monitors hooked up to it works.  Files can be dragged from the phone to the computer, or vice versa.  The screen of the phone can be used as a window on the computer screen to affect games.  The phone can read and analyze data that is presented on the computer and vice versa.

The way THAW works is the software in the phone relays the view of the computer screen that is visible through the smartphone camera.  Then, the computer can send the data from that portion of the screen to the phone screen and it can be interacted with by touching the phone screen or moving the cursor onto it from the computer.

THAW is a very interesting new technology that could change how we upload and download data forever.  Instead of plugging a usb cord to connect your phone, you could just put it against the screen and update your apps, music, and files.  Flash drives would cease to exist because their function would be available on the smartphone: you could copy files onto the phone and bring them with you to whatever computer you are working on.  This would also allow for a generation of computer games that operate like a Wii U, where there is one main screen and one smaller one handheld one that only one person can see.  The data can be sent back and forth between the handheld and console, so this could work essentially the same way, but cost much less and be portable.


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