The End of Personal Privacy

In this article, Joe Queenan talks about how household appliances are becoming more and more connected, and why that could be dangerous.  Almost everything around the house can be controlled wirelessly or through a smartphone app, which he calls the “Internet of Things.”  However Queenan discusses the possibility of being hacked through these common goods.  He notes that, not only can hackers break into one of these appliances with relative ease, but that they can also hack into any other devices that are connected to them.  For instance, someone could hack into a remote controlled light switch, which is connected to a smartphone, which is connected to bank accounts.  However, he also say that, due to its relative ease, amateur hackers could do it for fun and have the light switch turn on and off randomly.

I think that this is a very real possibility in the near future.  My dad worked for the Air Force with cyber-warfare and such, and he would always talk about how easy it is to hack things that are supposed to be secure, such as bank accounts, personal information, and social media profiles, simply by being on the same network as a device. If a hacker can get into these with ease, imagine how easy it would be to break into a remote controlled appliance.  I think the scenarios he comes up with are a bit ridiculous, but definitely possible.  Instead of his example of making a self-driving car to Venezuela, it would more likely be driven to the hacker’s home or somewhere (s)he could store it and sell it.  If Queenan’s vision for the future does come true, I think that everyone would be in danger of having any and all personal information and property available to the public at any time.  This is a very scary idea because we are all used to having at least some privacy, even when it comes to our social media and sharing things actually want to share.


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